Business 2.0 and Christian Science Monitor picked up my iPhone piece

Well I’m humbled and proud that both Biz 2.0 and CSM picked up on my iPhone blog; two of my favorite publications. Biz 2.0’s editor Philip Elmer-DeWitt found my post ‘long and thoughtful’. (Yes, finally when I write columns I have all the space I want!) And the Christian Science Monitor invited me to write an oped piece to summarize my blog; it’s on their web site and (as I understood it) will be in the print run tomorrow.

The iPhone posting also invited a lot of commentary, check them out. There are some interesting observations. Some criticisms, but, by and large, after all the commentary and further thinking, I pretty much stand by my story. So an opportunity to write an 800-word version was nice. Check it out.


  1. way to go, peter!!


  2. Teresa Reinhardt

    Interesting; read your peice in the CSM – yopu manage to diss older people and women (see your Couric pciece in one fell swoop. If that’s your new social networking culture, I don’t want any part of it. I finally want a cell phone that I can operate w/o a manual, on whcih I can check my mail, and that’s it. A 2002 Nokia fit the bill, except for the Internet access. Now it’s the iPhone.
    If my post has lots os spelling mistakes , it’s because I am old and a woman, so I can’t read you minuscule font in this box.
    Oh to be so full of myself again – but wait, you’ll get creaky, too.

    [PSM] Ah, sweet! An accusal of being young and over-confident. I’ll treasure that! As for Couric, I certainly hope she’s not the best that womankind can product for media. Feel free to defend her: I invite you to argue why a Numerologist is the best choice to comment on the number 7, as opposed to a historian, mathematician, or astronomer. But, yeah, the “blonde” comment is perhaps a little cheesy; but perhaps she should stop her PR people from distributing heavily touched-up photographs like this one and I won’t use her looks against her. But the 28 days “joke” was inappropriate upon consideration, thanks for the wrist-slap. I don’t mind being kept honest. That’s what crowdsourcing is about.


  3. susan breuer

    I have never replied on a blog before but I felt compelled to after reading your wonderful piece in the Chrisitan Science Monitor. My friend, a creative at a local Apple store showed me the new phone and although I am not very techno oriented I fell immdiately in love. You may already know this but all fulltime Apple employees and all partime people who have worked at Apple for over a year will receive a free iphone.

    thanks for an imformative and thoughtful analysis…

    [PSM] Thank you and welcome to the blogosphere! Yes indeed, all Apple employees and most partimers will get a free iPhone, which is a wise move considering the amount of attention I get whenever I use the iPhone. It’s amazing, several weeks after launch and it’s still the talk of many parties! It’ll be a great motivator for Apple employees wherever they go.


  4. Charlie L

    A quick observation: last weekend was a fairly massive iPhone Barcamp in SF. Over 300 people showed up at Adobe, and they cranked out almost 50 applications in 2 days, including a pseudo-iChat application.

    Yes, the apps were run via Safari .. but they were pretty impressive.

    I really *do* believe that Apple *does* know what it’s doing. And I don’t consider the iPhone to be “just a phone” … it is a mobile platform, and as such can do *much* more than a regular phone.

    [PSM] I’ve started to see the term “rich media device” used about the iPhone, and that’s apt. And I’m not quite saying that Apple doesn’t know what it’s doing, only that they don’t understand social networking. And indeed Apple has left some freedom on their platform for doing “apps” in Safari, so I would expect a lot of interesting innovation to come thru that breathing hole.


  5. Erik

    Congrats Peter! It was a great article worthy of note by both publications – can’t wait to read more.

    [PSM] Thank you!


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